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Recover Yahoo Hacked Account – If you own a yahoo account and you try to log in it but you are unable to do that you may reset your password but you noticed that there are some changes because of which you can’t access your account. It means someone has hacked your account and now he can access your account like you were doing that last time you access it. Definitely you want to get the access back because you have lots of information saved there. You might not be sure that your account has been hacked. You need to call to Yahoo Tech Support instantly in order to get instant help. These are the signs to confirm that your yahoo account has been hacked.

Sign of your yahoo account has been hacked:

  • Your username or password is not recognized
  • You attempt to reset/recover your password, but your security question have changed, or the answers are not recognized
  • You attempt to recover your password but your recovery email address has been changed

How Your Yahoo Mail Account got Hacked ?

When you are sure that your account has been hacked, you want to know that what caused it? Who hacked it and how it was done? There are lots of techniques and possibilities one can hack your account. There are techniques; there are software and viruses to do this task.

You could have been the victim of a phishing attack. Fishing is when a malicious website sends you an email pertaining to be generous website say Facebook. The email will ironically tell you that your account has been compromised and you need to click on a link to regain access. That looks original Facebook login page but actually that website is hosted by wrong people and if you login, you will just share your credentials with them.

There are also hacking attacks on your computer or IP address or network. One can also get your account information through social engineering. Social Engg. is something when a people who know you try to guess and fit your password. Or if a person doesn’t know but calls you saying that he is calling from any company or bank and you will get a refund and for doing that they need your password or any other information. Then they can also access your account.

There are some software and viruses which may record your screen or keystrokes and send the report to someone who sends that virus on your system. In this case too someone may get to know your credentials easily.

  • Phising
  • Fake sites
  • Hacking attack
  • Social engineering
  • Many more

How to Recover Yahoo Mail Hacked Account ?

If your account has been hacked you can still try to get the access back from different ways. You can’t just let it go because you might need it at many places like banking transactions, reservations and other official works. You need to make sure that this doesn’t happen again and you get the access back for this. You can recover your account by following the procedure yahoo offers you. You need to report it as a malicious activity.

You can also contact your email provider through is Yahoo Tech Support Number +1-844-612-4960 and let them know about this and then follow the procedure. When you get your account access back change the username and password so that it doesn’t happen again. Remember you username, password, and security question.

  • Recovery of your account: report malicious activity
  • Contact your email provider
  • Change username and password

Tips and Tricks to create a strong password for Yahoo Email.

If someone has hacked your password once he can do it for second time too. So you need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. You need to follow some set of rules which let you enjoy the secure emailing. You need to remember that you follow all the rules to create a unique or hack proof password. Don’t create an easy password like 123456 or QWERTY123 or sillier to this. These are easy to guess.

  • Use special and unique password
  • Use 2 step verification method
  • Keep your web knowledge up to date
  • Setup alerts for account login from different devices or location

Follow the instruction and create a password with the combination of numbers, alphanumeric keys and special characters. You should also use 2 step verification for login from different device and setup the alert if someone tries to login to your account from a different country or device. Follow these tips and it will surely keep your account secure.

Note – If still you are not successful to recover your Yahoo Email Account, Do not worry. Just Call Yahoo Mail Support Phone Number to get instant help.

Yahoo technical Support Number USA : +1-844-612-4960

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