Easy Steps to Change Name in Yahoo Mail Account

You can easily update your name or nickname when you want to change your identity in Yahoo mail account. Your name or nickname is generally located on the upper right corner of your Yahoo Mail page. It is usually visible to other Yahoo users like when you make some comments on Yahoo news. If you want to change your name in your Yahoo Mail, you can easily do so by following these steps:

Steps to Change Name in Yahoo Mail Account

There are two ways to change your name. You can either change it via a desktop web browser or you can change it through the mobile web browser. Steps for both are mentioned below.

Through Desktop Web Browser

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and click on your profile name located on the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail account page.
  • Select the option Account Info option under your profile name. A new tab will open.
  • Under Account Info, you will get Personal info Click on your name under Personal info tab and you will be able to change your name or nickname.
  • Click on the Save button once you have changed your name. Your new name will start appearing on the screen.
  • Apart from a web browser, you can easily change your name via a mobile browser.

Through Mobile Web Browser

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo Mail account and locate and tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines).
  2. Select the Account Info option under the menu.
  3. Tap and edit your name or nickname.
  4. Once you are done tap on the Save button to confirm your name.
  5. Now, your new name will appear on your Yahoo Mail account.

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